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Upcoming events

World Finals Competition - September 10th 

As of the 10th of September, the team will be in Singapore competing in the F1 in Schools 2023 World Finals competition. Be sure to stay up to date online with all the news that will be released by the team, and F1 in Schools themselves.


Newsletter 3 - To be announced

Team Propulsion will be releasing a third newsletter on their YouTube channel before they head off for the competition. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube to keep up to date with any recent posts.

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Launch Event

Team Propulsion invited their local community, sponsors and collaborators to attend their launch event on the 25th to farewell the team before they head off for Singapore. Additionally, the team gave a sneak peek into their final car, portfolios and pit-display.


Car Reveal

Team Propulsion revealed their long-awaited final car design to their eager community. Be sure to follow Team Propulsion's digital media to find out more about the release. An early sneak peek of the car, was shared through Propulsion's email newsletter.

Dis banner pic.png

Element Completions

Many of Team Propulsion's key elements such as team shirts, pit display and car designs have been finalised and are in the process of manufacturing and printing. Stay tuned for the release of many of these items.

Untitled design - 2023-08-17T182753.428.png


As a marketing method, the team worked with the billboard company CAASie to allow Propulsion to reach new audiences in the state of South Australia.


Team Propulsion was kindly offered the opportunity to be interviewed by Neelu from UniSa's Unicast, where the team were able to discuss who they were, and Propulsion's involvement in the F1 in Schools competition. 


The team had the amazing opportunity to film an episode with BTN, and promote the team to a range of students all around Australia.


The team had the thrilling experience of being interviewed on live ABC Radio by Peter Goers. This allowed the team to promote their hard work in the competition to a wider audience in South Australia.

Peter Goers ABC Radio.png

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

As a fundraising and community engagement method, Team Propulsion has been involved in many of Bunning's sausage sizzles at South Australia's Windsor Gardens store.

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