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Major Team Supporters

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OTR provided Team Propulsion with financial support, allowing the team to make crucial purchases required to compete and attend the F1 in Schools World Finals. OTR's kind contribution has allowed the team to produce high quality deliverables.

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Ansys is a simulation software that Propulsion used to perform detailed tests, and analyse results based on the data provided. This software provided the team with a professional tool that was used throughout the cars development.

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DefenceSA has provided financial  promotion base support for the the team and the competition. Their support has shine a light on the importance of the next generation in STEM, and given Propulsion much needed funds to compete.

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Leap Australia kindly provided Team Propulsion with an Ansys license, allowing the team to undertake tests on the car throughout its development. Their generous gift gave Propulsion the edge they needed to engineer the car.


Ford has provided significant financial and collaboration support to Propulsion. Ford's expert team have worked with Propulsion's car engineer to undertake tests on the car, analyse results, and brainstorm possible changes for the design.


Objective3D provided Propulsion with a much needed credit note for their expert 3d printing services. Their valuable services provided the team with quality 3d prints for their car that allowed them to achieve a World Finals standard.


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Large Sponsors

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Smaller Sponsors

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Past Supporters

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